Almighty Embroidered Box Logo (Red Edition)

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Our Almighty Embroidered Box Logo (Red Edition) Beanie will keep you nice and warm, but most importantly in style.. Plus the colors red and white are often associated with purity, who wouldn't want to be associated with that?

Almighty is a designer christian clothing brand with the purpose of creating biblical, minimal, and artistic attire. We want to create christian designer clothing that you want and love to wear. Our high quality designs are different from what you may have envisioned christian clothing to be, and that's our goal. We strive to be innovative and encourage people to engage in religious and scientific conversation to further advance their faith, while looking great. After all, we are all made in his image. We strongly believe faith doesn't have to be blind, and we will provide resources to help your faith become stronger. Join the Almighty movement in a generation where God is being forgotten. Who do you praise?

• 100% acrylic
• 12” in length
• Pom-pom on top